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Dads Bees
21 Bramlyn Court
S43 4QA

Pure and flavoured honey

Summer Honey

summer honey

A raw honey extracted by the bees from summer blackberry and garden blossoms.

240g jar £4.50

Temporarily out of stock

Spring Honey

spring honey

A raw honey extracted by the bees from spring fruit blossoms and oil seed rape.

240g jar £4.50

Creamed Spring Honey

spring creamed

Creamed honey is allowed to set then creamed (whisked) to a creamy texture. Once creamed the honey is less likely to set again

240g jar £4.50

Temporarily out of stock

Creamed Lemon Flavoured Spring Honey

lemon honey

A creamed honey where the flavour (natural lemon oil) is added during the creaming

240g jar £4.50

Temporarily out of stock

Creamed Orange Flavour Spring Honey

orange honey

A creamed honey where the flavour (natural orange oil) is added during the creaming

240g jar £4.50

Temporarily out of stock

Creamed Almond Flavoured Spring Honey

almond honey

A creamed honey where the flavour (natural almond oil) is added during the creaming

240g jar £4.50

Temporarily out of stock

Creamed Raspberry Flavoured Spring Honey

raspberry honey

A creamed honey where the flavour (natural raspberry oil) is added during the creaming

240g jar £4.50

Temporarily out of stock

Creamed Lavender Flavoured Honey

lavender honey

A creamed honey where the flavour (natural lavender oil) is added during the creaming

240g jar £4.50

Temporarily out of stock

Cut comb

comb honey

Raw Heather Cut Comb Honey


Temporarily out of stock

Did you know?

Honey contains all of the substances
need to sustain life including enzymes,
minerals and vitamins

Dressings, dips and sauces

Tomato Sauce with honey, garlic and corriander

tomato sauce

One for the garlic lover, great just as a dipping sauce. You could also try marinating chicken or creating the perfect pasta dish.

275g £3.25

Mint Sauce with Honey and Cointreau

honey with Cointreau

Good for mixing with new potatoes and making minted lamb burgers. Or you could just put it straight on to roast lamb.

195g £3.25

BBQ Sauce with Honey and cracked black pepper

BBQ sauce

If you like pepper then this is the one for you. A rich sauce which is good as a dipping sauce and perfect with pork rib's and the summer family BBQ.

250 grams £3.25

Honey Mustard Garlic and Brandy salad dressing

Mustard garlic honey

If your salad always feels asleep, this dressing will wake your salad up. A tangy taste that's great for all sorts of salads.

100g £3.25

Cranberry Sauce with Honey and Scotch Whisky

Cranberry sauce

A lovely sauce with whole cranberry soaked overnight in whisky. Beautiful on roast turkey or chicken. You can even have it on a slice of toast.

180g £3.25

Honey Mustard with Brandy *VERY HOT*

Mustard and brandy

This mustard sorts the men from the boys. We use Ghost Chillies, the hottest chilli there is. Fantastic on ham sandwiches, sausages or gammon.

180g £3.25

Pickled Onions with Balsamic Vinegar and Honey

pickled onions

Many customers say when they try these for the first time... "Oh they're beautifully crispy, not like soggy and soft shop bought onions". Marinated in cloves, cinnamon, root ginger and Balsamic vinegar.

275g £3.25

Pasta Sauce with Honey and Garlic

Pasta sauce

A taste of Italy in a jar, good with all meats. Infused with Thyme, Basil, Oregano and Rosemary after having this sauce your taste buds will be buzzing.

300g £3.25

Marmalade with Lime and Honey

lime marmalade

This marmalade has real bite to it. The lime gives it a real kick, it will wake your breakfast up and you will remember the taste all day. Yum, yum!

225g £3.25

Piccalilli with Honey


Totally different to shop bought piccalilli, this sweet piccalilli is simply lovely on sandwiches. Once you open the jar, you just cannot stop.

300g £3.25

Horseradish and Honey Sauce

Horseradish sauce

Our horseradish is mellow and not to hot. Great on roast beef or added to mashed potatoes, even on smoked salmon.

195g £3.25

Chilli Sauce *VERY HOT*

honey chilli sauce

A very hot and very special Honey chilli sauce

185g £3.25

Luxury strawberry jam with Pimms and honey

honey strawberry jam

Perfect on Toast or even try it on your porridge for a real Summer Taste in the Morning.

225g £3.25

Pickled Beetroots in Balsamic Vinegar with Honey and Orange Zest

honey pickled beetroot

Try these on your Salad will bring your Salad alive or great with Cheese and Crackers.

375g £3.50

Caramalised Red Onion Chutney with Port and Honey

honey red onion chutney

Perfect with Cheese and Crackers

195g £3.25

Sweet chilli chutney

honey sweet chilli


195g £3.25

BBQ Cajun Rub

bbq cajun rub

This BBQ Seasoning is great on Chicken, Fish, Beef, to make your BBQ have a great Cajan feel

180g £3.25

Cider vinegar honey

cider vinegar honey

Cider vinegar honey

240g £4.50

Candles &

Beeswax candles

beeswax candles

5 inch candle £1.95

8 inch candle £3.95

10 inch candle £4.95

Candle twist £2.25

Beeswax blocks


Pure Beeswax

30g £2.25

Honey sticks

honey sticks

Hand turned ideal for getting honey to toast


Pure beeswax polish

beeswax polish

Natural Beeswax Polish perfect for wood and your boots


Dads Bees recipe book

hony recipe book

Ideal gift for a Bee Keeper or the Chefs of the Kitchen


Did you know?

There are lots of different types of
honey which taste different depending
on the flowers used to make it


Unfortuantely our hampers are temporarily out of stock. We will have them back very soon